Convert Windows Server 2016 Evaluation to full edition

This video, I will show you how to convert windows server 2016 Evaluation to full edition (Standard edition). And i also show you how to activate windows server 2016 with command line.

27 thoughts on “Convert Windows Server 2016 Evaluation to full edition

  1. A simpler way CMD and use SLUI 3 and enter the license key. Try it first if it is your first attempt. I may not have realized that I didn't have a complex issue but I only found this video first which was a problem for me since I was in a bit of a panic because the trial server license was shutting down the server. So I tried it, but it took way too long and then I stopped it and the server shut down on me.

  2. I had an expired Server 2016 Evaluation and needed to add the volume license key. This video provided the info I needed to get it converted and ultimately activated. HUGE THANKS!

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