I am not playing the Guardian Tales JP server and Here's Why

With the recent release of GT JP server, I was asked a lot as to whether or not I will play that version of the game but sadly the answer is No. However, if there are any new contents exclusive to JP then I might still cover it on the channel.

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21 thoughts on “I am not playing the Guardian Tales JP server and Here's Why

  1. The game have already voicr actors, just not japanese
    And, obviously, the story will not change
    So yes, playing the game is just useless

  2. There's only one reason I won't play guardian tales jo ver. It's not because I can't speak Japanese but it's because I dont have that much space left on my scuffed phone

  3. my reason, I dont understand japanese 😛 . and GT is heavily emphasized on it's story so playing only for the gacha and skipping all dialogue is doing it a disservice

  4. There really zero reasons to go and play in that server since you already playing in global and some of the new features that are in jp will be localize in global eventually

  5. tbh more content creators should have the same mentality as you zeebo. what's happening to JP is like what if a lot of KR players move to global just to be top players or top guilds but KR players have the decency to stay in their own server for the JP server on the other hand well it is happening to them right now and it is kinda sad for the JP players knowing a good portion of their top 100 are just Global players.

    I know there is no rules against it but just its kinda toxic to do it If you go play the JP server with the aim to just re-experience the story and get waifu that's fine its the solo experience nobody is affected. But if you are there to rekt some JP noobs like yeah that's toxic.

    I have played mobile games for years and most of the time Global Servers comes last but CN KR JP players never migrate to global when ever their own server is open its the first time where JP came last and some global players just has to be toxic about it.

  6. The only reason I lose my interest to keep playing JP is the language barrier( I know theres an app translator floater but I dnt want my immersive experience to be lagged behind) because I only have 1 account on Asia 2 and was hoping to experience the story again with JP voice acting.
    I probably only stick to see the upcoming new JP hero arts.
    And there's also things I'm busy with, aside GT.
    Being a responsible person kinda sucks hehe.

  7. While I subsrcibed for GT, I appreciate that you are covering other games and I like looking up a lot of information for these different titles. Thanks for doing great work to cover all these games!

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