Pinging 2000 People to Join a Hogwarts RP Server

We are tired of being oppressed into clicking on that stupid hat in Hogwarts RP, so I decide to use my most powerful weapon… pinging @everyone. Server is Star by Star Gaming (SBS) Hogwarts RP.

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Music courtesy of Lucky7Music on Pond5, Fesliyan Studios,
GameBeets, and Max Hanson.

23 thoughts on “Pinging 2000 People to Join a Hogwarts RP Server

  1. huge thank you to all of you guys for 50k subscribers! the fact that 50,000 people consistently want to see me doing stupid jokes while playing video games blows my mind and i legitimately never dreamed of being this successful even a year ago. sorry i don't have a milestone vid or anything, but i do have a super special vid planned if we somehow make it to 100k. anyways, you guys are all awesome, enjoy the grand finale of my hogwarts rp shenanigans

  2. "The tyranny of the Howarts RP continues its oppression"

    Just wait till they hear about the 1942 RP

    (Also, I love your videos and I think you are incredibly underrated.)

  3. I do wish they let you have your fun and assault the forest at least once

    hogwarts rp is usually a lot better about letting people bullshit than the other rpservers, first time i played a longtime player showed me around and took me to all the places you werent supposed to go, we snuck around and got into trouble it was great

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